Bread pudding
Written by Jayashree
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I learnt this one from a friend of mine and since then I have made it many times. It is also called as  “double ka meetha” Serve it as a  sweet delicacy or a dessert, only the fine taste matters.

The ingredients that you need are :

  • 6 slices of bread
  • half litre of milk
  • a bowl of sugar
  • a few strands of saffron
  • ghee for frying
  • dry fruits for garnishing
I am happy today!

I am happy today!


It involves three steps.  Making of :

1 Sugar syrup

2 Milk rabdi

3 Bread croutons

1 Sugar syrup

Take three fourth bowl of sugar and boil in water to make a sugar syrup. Put a few strands of saffron to it and keep aside.

2 Milk rabdi

Boil the milk with the remaining sugar and a few strands of saffron for ten minutes.

3 Bread Croutons

Fry the bread slices in ghee and keep aside.

To make the pudding:

Put the fried bread pieces in sugar syrup for sometime and keep aside.

Place them in a circular bowl and pour the boiled milk over it.

Garnish with dry fruits.

Serve chilled.


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