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February 21 marked the blogversary of this blog. Thankyou to all those who have been reading and following me here. A few comments and words of encouragement from readers, friends and well wishers. These are honest reviews  which I have put up here as testimonial, greatful for their feedback and encouragement.

Gauri says ;

Hey! Its a great site! wonderful recipes! will definitely try some & keep waiting for more! keep up the good work!

Sudha says :

Wow ! Jayashree way to go !

Deepa says :

Hi, I tried out a few of your dishes and they came out very good….the raw tomato chutney was very simple yet so tasty, the Pulav and phirni too were loved by everyone. Thanks for the wonderful dishes…. Keep posting some more.

Vatsala Shukla via  Linkedin

Jayashree and I met as contestants in the 2014 Firepole Marketing Scavenger Hunt but by the time the competition was over, Jayashree became my favorite culinary writer and a trusted colleague/friend who is ever ready to cheer people to cross the final line and attain victory. Her blog Evergreen Dishes is a must read for anyone who is interested in vegetarian Indian dishes. Each recipe is selected keeping health in mind and broken down into steps that make it easy even for the occasional cook to enter the kitchen and prepare a dish that the family would love. I wish Jayashree every success in her endeavors. Her poetry finds expression in her dishes.less

Shreechandra Banerjee via email

 what i really liked is its readability – the double spacing – fabulous pictues of very good qaulity – making the article even more mouth watering – and most important – what i really really liked most – is the English names of the ingredients etc

please keep it up – this very very good job of yours – I will forward this to all and everyone whom i know and have the contact id
I liked Choco Marie, Spinach Partha, chole- no doubt, so much for now – as u make me feel like going to the kitchen right away and find out what ingredients are there – to start cooking something NOW
Roopa says,
           I really liked your recipes. They are easy and tasty. I like something which is quick for I have other work on hand.
Shreya says :

U r most welcome. I have already prepared the dish as per your recipe and it turned out to be just woww for my family members. They loved it so much. Thanx a lot……..

Piyali says

Your excitement has contagiously touched all of us dear Jayashree and if it had not been for your initiation this Blog Hop would not be happening. I am grateful to have this link with you and thank you for this wonderful connect.
Being married to a South Indian one of my greatest trials have been preparing Upma which I never seemed to get and still don’t. This very well written post shall therefore be my guide from now on. The MilkShake is mouthwateringly inviting. Lovely and great job.

Gayatri says via email ;

Love the tomato chutney and malai lofta of yours. They were awesome. Shall keep visiting

Kimberly says :

Your blog is great and the book is useful.

Anu Nagaraja says :

irresistible bowls full of flavor and crunch! Happy Blogiversary Jayashree. these welcoming dishes surely add a delightful touch the blogiversary needs! As I have said before, I feel at home with nearly all your dishes :)


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  1. shubha

    Congratulations!!! Keep up the good work dear..

    • jayashree

      Thankyou so much dear Shubha

  2. Padma

    Congratulations dear and wish you all the best for the future to do an amazing job to give us delectable recipes:)

    • jayashree

      Thankyou so much dear Padma

  3. Vatsala Shukla

    Belated congratulations, Jayashree. Happy I made the honors roll. Keep creating your delicious recipes and sharing with us!

    • jayashree

      Thankyou so much dear Vatsala. Indeed !


Appreciate all your comments.

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