Guilt free Masala Papad
Written by Jayashree
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Masala Papad is a tasty appetiser which is relished by most of us. It is easy to make and here it is guilt free. I have used spicy urad dal papads which are readily available in the super market

Papads have always been relished in Indian cooking along with rice and sambar as an accompaniment. This one is ideal for lazy evenings when you don’t want to do anything much and the kids are hungry. This post is categorised under ” Appetisers and is a part of my blog hop.

Ingredients :

  • Special Urad Papads 4
  • Onion 1
  • Tomato 1
  • cilantro
  • chat masala 1/2 tsp
  • pepper powder 1/2 tsp
  • salt to taste
guilt free masala papad

guilt free masala papad



Method :

Roast the papads in microwave for thirty seconds. Let cool. Cut onions and tomato finely. Chop cilantro .Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients.  On a serving plate, keep one papad and add the dressing to it. Serve immediately. Guilt free masala papads are ready to binge.
Take a note : You can alternatively deep fry the papads. Take care to drain the oil before using them.

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  1. shubha

    Easy to prepare.. yet delicious appetizer..:)

  2. Anupama

    what a delightful addition to our appetizers menu this makes! crunchy and SO YUM!

    • jayashree

      Many thanks Anu for your kind words

  3. kushi

    Its my favorite and this is very healthy and yummy!!!

    • jayashree

      Hello Kushi…welcome to my space , thanks for the comment

  4. Padma

    Simple and delicious starter..always the first thing we order in any indian restaurant here…Our favourite:)

    • jayashree

      Thanks dear Padma, I often make this

  5. Linsy

    i don’t understand why is it guilt free? you don’t fry papad to make masala papad and it has rest vegetables.

    • jayashree

      Hye Linsy, glad to have you here. These papad are not fried, they are only roasted in microwave sans oil, hence guilt free. Many thanks for the visit.


Appreciate all your comments.

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