Iced expresso
Written by Jayashree
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Beverages are drink made consumable for humans. Even though, water is an essential for the survival of humans, it is not considered as a beverage. All other drinks come into this category. They can be of various kinds from hot beverages as tea and coffee, to cold ones as juice and aerated drinks. Again, these can befurther classified as alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Today, I am glad to share with you all my favourite “Iced Expresso”

Our blog hop team “culinary hoppers” has grown bigger, with the addition of three more bloggers, Sonal,swati and Shailja.  Hence, it’s more a fiesta for us. Here’s a toast to the blog hop girls.

Iced Expresso is quite similar to cold coffee but  with a tinge of chocolate. It make an easy and relishable drink. One can enjoy it during hot summers or mid afternoons. My other cold beverages are    Mango milkshake

Strawberry Milkshake

Banana and Dates Milkshake

Muskmelon Smoothie

Banana and Apple Smoothie



Iced expresso

Iced expresso

Ingredients :

  • Milk 200ml
  • instant coffee powder 1tsp
  • cocoa powder 1tsp
  • sugar 1.5tsp
  • cinnamon powder 1/2tsp
  • vanilla essence 1/2 tsp
  • ice cubes 3

Method :

In a bowl add milk, cocoa powder, coffee powder ,and sugar . Blend them together. Later add cinnamon powder and vanilla essence and give a stir. Serve in glass with ice cube.

Iced expresso

Iced expresso

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  1. Piyali

    I truly need this right now dear J. It looks so inviting as if calling my name. Thoroughly exhausted with the packing, this surely would give me the much needed refreshing nudge. And J I love it as much as you did while making it. Raising the toast to Culinary Hoppers from here. May we go from strength to strength.

    • jayashree

      Thankyou dear Piyali, true lets move on together.

  2. Shubha

    What a delicious drink!!!.. would like to have one glass now.. superb!!

    • jayashree

      Thankyou dear Shubha

  3. Gauri

    I love your team and all your posts…the espresso looks awesome!

    • jayashree

      Thankyou dear Gauri

  4. Anu Nagaraja

    love this iced espresso! I could almost taste the flavors whilst reading through your write-up and imagining sipping that very refreshing looking drink!

    • jayashree

      Thankyou dear Anu

  5. marudhuskitchen

    Never tasted it but ur expresso looks so yummy and delicious

    • jayashree

      Vani Thanks, do give a try

  6. padma

    Being a coffee no…addict..this is totally my type of drink!!…Pass me the glass Jaya!!…Loved it!!

    • jayashree

      Thankyou Padma, good to know you are a coffee lover

  7. Shailja

    This is one yummilicious drink . Loving it …

    • jayashree

      Thankyou so much dear Shailja

    • jayashree

      Thankyou dear Shailja.


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