Chocolate cake with ganache for X mas
Written by Jayashree
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December is the month of celebrations and time to bake cakes and biscuits. With Christmas, round the corner, I realised I had not put up my own recipe here. Here is a special one for you all, chocolate cake with ganache,  we really loved this one !

With advent of time, chocolate cake has gone many changes. I myself, have changed my recipe from time to time, so let’s gear up and enjoy this version of microwave cake with ganache. Thanks to my friend  Deepa who shared it.

Merry Christmas to all my readers ! Hope Santa pleases all the little kids. May the new year 2016 bring in peace, joy and abundant happiness where all your dreams are fulfilled !


chocolate cake with ganache

chocolate cake with ganache

For the chocolate  cake :

Ingredients :
  • All purpose flour 11/2cup
  • sugar 1cup
  • refined oil 1/2cup
  • baking powder 1/2tsp
  • baking soda 1/2tsp
  • curd 1/2cup
  • cocoa powder 3tsp
  • milk 1/2 cup + a little extra if necessary
Method :

Sieve flour along with soda and baking powder. Add oil and curd to it.Slowly add milk  to make a smooth and slightly thick batter.  Preheat the microwave. Take a baking tin and grease it with a little ghee and dust with flour. Pour the batter and microwave for five minutes on 900, high power. Check with a tooth pick, it needs to come out clean, otherwise, keep it for another two minutes. Chocolate cake is ready.

chocolate cake with ganache

chocolate cake with ganache

For the ganache:

Ingredients :
  • Amul cream 1cup
  • dark chocolate 1cup

Cooking chocolate is available in the market.

Method :

Take a bowl, add the cream and heat it for thirty seconds.Add the chocolate and mix well, heat for a few seconds, it should be of a thicker consistency. (medium) Later, spread it with a knife.


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  1. Poornima

    Cake looks delicious!

    • jayashree

      Thankyou so much Poornima



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