Puffed rice balls aka Gujarati Mamra na ladoo
Written by Jayashree
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Puffed rice balls ,  sweet and crunchy are tasty snacks to binge on. Popular doing festive times as offerings to the lord, it hails from  the state of Gujarat .

Puffed rice,also known as  murmura, kurmura or churmura is always stacked in all households. These tasty balls are definitely a family pleaser, atleast I will be making them frequently now. They were loved by all at home.

Gujarati cuisine is tasty and has a wide range of dishes in it. They are mainly vegetarian and use various kind of spices. The food is a combination of sweet, spicy and tangy. A typical thali consists of dal or kadhi, roti , shaak or sabzi. Pulses as  moong and horse gram are regularly used along with veggies. During festivals, they prepare a wide range of dishes. Farsan are snacks that are served with lunch or tea time.   (Source :Wikipedia)

Yes, its again time for our blog hop and  Culinary Hoppers have reached the state of Gujarat now. I love their farsans and thus bring to you two of such kind. The first one is Puffed rice balls, which is a sweet snack to binge on. Without much ado, to the recipe below.

Puffed Rice Balls

puffed rice balls

puffed rice balls

Puffed rice balls aka Gujarati Mamra na ladoo
Recipe Type: Snacks
Cuisine: Gujarati
Author: Jayashree @evergreendishes
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 12
A crunchy and tasty snack to binge on.
  • Puffed rice 3 cups
  • Jaggery grated 1 cup
  • ghee 2tsp
  • Measurement : 1 cup = 250ml
  1. Dry roast the puffed rice for five minutes.
  2. Take a pan and add the jaggery. Put the ghee to it. Allow it to melt and boil for sometime.
  3. Then add the puffed rice , mix well and remove from flame.
  4. Make balls of it and let cool for sometime before storing in a container.
Take care while making the balls, as the mixture is hot.


puffed rice balls

puffed rice balls


puffed rice balls

puffed rice balls

Roast the puffed rice. Melt the jaggery in a thick bottom pan. Add ghee to it. As it boils for sometime, add the puffed rice, stir and remove from heat. Make balls and keep them out for some time before storing in a container.

puffed rice balls

puffed rice balls

These are vegan and gluten free. Crunchy puffed rice balls are ready to serve.  My other snack recipe is Methi Khakra

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  1. shubha

    tasty mamra laddoos….wonderfully explained dear:)

  2. Anupama

    This is one of our favourite snacks. Looks yummy !!

  3. Poornima

    I have loved these laddoos since my childhood and I am never tired of it even thpugh I buy and keep these as snacks Always.. I never tried making it at home and honestly have no idea why! Your post has brought me so many memories and surely will be trying this one soon

  4. parvathy

    looks so delicious , a simple ladoo and you have explained it very well ..

  5. marudhuskitchen

    these are my favourite love the crunchy crispy sweet taste always…thank u for this excellent share

  6. Piyali Mutha

    Reminds me of my maternal grandma’s murir moa. I used to happily have a couple as soon as she made a batch of these. Love your mamra na ladoo J. How delicious and inviting they look.

  7. padma

    I was just going to write what poornima n piyali mentioned..I have so many nostalgic memories associated with this …it still remains one of my fav…Thanks for sharing and bringing back a few memories dear!!



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