Tasty Dosa in minutes/ iD Organic Dosa Batter
Written by Jayashree
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Today’s post is slightly different from the usual one. What do you do on a busy and hectic day? You have a long list of pending errands, meeting with client, go to market to buy vegetables and then visit the dentist, later go to school for the meeting. I prefer to bring a ready to cook food at home and make something that is not only tasty but also healthy for the family.

iD Fresh Food is a leader in breakfast foods in South India. It was started in 2005 by five brothers in a small kitchen in Bangalore. Since then, it has come a long way and are a leading name today in South Indian breakfasts. They have a wide range of natural and organic products which one can easily make at home without any compromise in taste and quality. The variety of products that they have to their belt are Dosa and Idly batter, Vada batter, rawa idly mix, wheat and oats dosa, a range of parathas and a coffee decoction.

I loved the Organic iD Dosa and Idly batter which is made of pure, organic ingredients. The batter serves a dual purpose, one can either make idly or dosa with it. Plan ahead what you want to make, if it is dosa, you need to add a little quantity of water. Soft, fluffy idly with coconut chutney and piping hot sambar, sound so delicious isn’t it ? It can be made easily with this packet of batter, no hassle of prior soaking and grinding the lentils, it is ready within an hour, just make the side dishes and the breakfast is sorted

The iD dosa batter is perfect blend of ingredients, I did add a little salt though. I spread a scoopful of batter, put a little oil, smeared a little red chutney after a while and voila, it was beautiful golden brown hued, crispy, the way I often make it at home. I served it with potato sbbji and coconut chutney.

iD crispy dosa

It is such a blessing to get these kind of semi-made food that are chemical free, farm fresh and most of all similar to homemade. I could make 13 dosas from one packet, quite sufficient for a family of four for breakfast. The packet comes in a pouch of 1Kilogram and costs Rs80. It is available online at Bigbasket

Regarding the storage since it is a wet ingredient, it needs to be kept refrigerated. Do not freeze it.

How to make Dosa with iD Dosa batter:

Equipments: bowl, ladle, non stick skillet, flipper spatula, small bowl, spoon, plate


  • 1 kg iD idly/ dosa batter
  • a little salt
  • water
  • oil /ghee


  1. Keep the batter pouch outside, it should be at the room temperature while cooking.
  2. Cut the pouch and remove the batter in a bowl. Add a little salt and water. Make it to the consistency of the usual dosa batter.
  3. Heat the skillet, take a ladleful of batter and put it on the skillet. Spread it inside out to a thin crepe.
  4. Drizzle oil around it and cook it on medium to high for a minute.
  5. Once it golden brown in colour, remove and serve with chutney.

Serving suggestions:

  • Put a dollop of butter, it tastes heavenly.
  • Spread red onion chutney over thin crepes.
  • You can serve with potato bhaji and coconut chutney.
  • Even uttappa can be made, mix it with finely cut onion and tomato pieces and make small circular dosas.
  • On a lazy day, serve with podi.


iD organic idly and dosa batter

You can check the product at www.idfreshfood.com

I liked this one and will soon be trying other products too. They are ideal for busy days when we are packed with other errands. I love the fact that there are no added preservatives in it.

Do give a try to this, do check out the online store or at your nearest super market. Feel free to share with us if you ever make any dishes with iD Fresh Food.


  1. Lata Lala

    I have heard a lot about this brand name ID a lot. True it makes your life much easier and gives much respite from soaking and grinding the dosa batter.
    Thank you for sharing

  2. Vandana

    A crispy Dosa is one of my favorite things to eat. Making it will be so much easy with this batter. Loved the packaging too. Will try it for sure.

  3. Pavani

    Such a convenient product for quick and healthy meals at home. Kudos to the ID for coming up with the idea and making it accessible to everyone.

  4. Sandhya Ramakrishnan

    It is convenient to have dosa batter in hand. I miss India for these comforts. The dosa looks so crispy and perfect!

  5. Uma Srinivas

    I never bought idli/dosa batter. This sounds good. Handy when we are busy with daily schedule.Thanks for sharing those dosa batter brand.

  6. usha

    We get idli dosa batter in Indian stores here in US but never bought them. However, I do get those instant mixes a lot. Organic batter sounds really good and comes handy on busy days.

  7. Jolly

    Organic ID dosa batter I’ve seen it many time in Bangalore supermarkets but never brought. This organic batter sounds so good and yummy! Next time I am going to buy this. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. amrita

    You are right, these ready to use batters help to thrive during busy days…I have not tried their organic batter yet… thanks for sharing

  9. mayurisjikoni

    Jayashree I’m a huge fan of ID products. They definitely have made life so much easier. Whenever I am in Bangalore, I use their Idli batter, the Kerala parathas and the coffee. I haven’t made dosa as yet with the batter but make idlis often and they turn out perfect each time. Yes, I too add a bit of salt to the batter.

  10. Jagruti's Cooking Odyssey

    Nowadays here in UK Dosa batter is available in Indian store, although I have not bought. But must admit that it saves lots of time and energy of bought ready made.

  11. Lathiskitchen

    Heard a lot about ID brand and the dosa looks so crispy and delicious. Looking forward to try this brand for myself.


Appreciate all your comments.

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