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Welcome to my blog!  I am Jayashree from India. An enthusiastic blogger, with a zest for life.  I believe in living life to the fullest.

Cooking has been my passion. I have always loved to try new recipes.  Writing has been a feel-good factor and extremely loving it. With these two passions of mine, my culinary blog was born.

Besides writing recipes. I also write poems and articles. A few poems have been published.

My idea of cooking:

Cooking has sincerely been our tradition. We have seen our mom preparing tasty dishes for us. They have never failed to inspire with their skills.

Cooking ideally involves using the right ingredients and the moderation of some while playing safely. It is my attempt to put down the facts as I have experimented. Most of my dishes are learned from my mother and mother in law. My interest has also led me to learn from various sources as books and the internet. I have given my own touchings to some dishes, while others I have dared to create. I hope you enjoy this cooking journey as much as I do.

I have come across many handy hints while reading and experimenting in the kitchen. These ease our cooking. They can be useful to one and all.I have compiled more than a hundred in an e-book. Do take it as a free gift from me.

My support :

My husband and children have been supportive in this field and I am thankful to them.  It would not have been possible without the help of them and other family members.

My Ebooks

South Indian Breakfast: Cooking simplified

30 Tasty Dal Recipes


Breadbasket: Indian flat breads simplified

Soulful Melodies


Our Services:

 Freelance writer

I write articles related to food, health and education. My charges are at Re 1.00 per word.

Food Blogger

I am open to engage and work with brands related to my niche. I write review of articles and products as discussed.  I also undertake social media tasks. With brands, it is Rs 2000/- for a blog post.

Published Author

I undertake projects relating to creation of e-book. The charges for e-book creation are Rs 1000/-

For any work related query, write to me

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Cooking is a wonderful job if you love it. It helps you to make tasty dishes for your loved ones. But it can be a chore, if one has many errands at hand. Thus, one needs to cook efficiently. It can be done by using the handy hints which make cooking easier, by saving the time or making better dish by using an ingredient instead of other. Here are a hundred handy hints which I have put them in two different categories. One is store wise and the other is    cook wise.