Carrot Halwa
Carrot halwa / Winter delights / Indian dessert
Written by Jayashree
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Carrot halwa is tasty and makes a delectable sweet for any ocassion. It is a winter delight when carrots are available in plenty, time to make this delicacy. It is ideal for any occasion from celebrations to festivities.

Methods of making Carrot Halwa:

Carrot halwa is a popular sweet and can be made as per our need. The traditional one is tasty and has  the authentic taste of slow cooked pudding in milk. In the second method, one can substitute milk with condensed milk and the time is considerably rediced. In the third method, khoya is used to give a rich taste to it.

Here, I am sharing the traditional method of preparing this recipe. I have cooked the carrots in milk in the beginning and I prefer making it this way. But, the grated carrots can be roasted in a little ghee and then cooked in milk. Now, you can choose either way to make it.

Uses of Carrot Halwa:

  • It is ideal as a sweet dish served along with any meal.
  • It can be served as a dessert.
  • It is ideal to serve with ice cream.
  • It is used in fusion dishes.
Carrot Halwa

Carrot Halwa

Let’s get to the recipe of Carrot Halwa (traditional method) 

The ingredients that you need are:

  • 1 kilogram carrot
  • 3/4 litre milk
  • 1/2 kilogram sugar
  • 3 tablespoon ghee
  • 1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder
  • nuts



  1. Wash the carrots by scrubbing them well. Pat dry. Grate the carrots with a grater or put them in a food processor.
  2. Take a thick bottom pan, add the grated carrot and the milk, keep them to boil on a low flame.
  3. Once the quantity is reduced and it is cooked, add sugar and ghee. The sugar and ghee melts and the consistency is thin. Let cook, keep stirring in between.
  4. It is done, once the quantity is reduced and it is thickened.
  5. Add cardamom powder.
  6. Roast the nuts in a little ghee and put over it.

Check the video recipe of Carrot Halwa

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  1. smithakal

    love carrot halwa

    • jayashree

      Thankyou Smita..:)

    • jayashree

      Many thanks Vani

  2. Anu Nagaraja

    delicious !!

    • jayashree

      Many thanks Anu

  3. mayurisjikoni

    An easy to make and delicious sweet dish that can be enjoyed after a meal. During winter time nothing is more comforting than a hot dessert.

  4. poonampagar

    Hot Carrot halwa is one of our favourite dessert during winters. Even i prefer cooking it in pan with milk rather than adding khoya.

  5. Renu Agrawal Dongre

    A must during winters, and so very nice when fresh red carrots are available. Love this slightly warm.

  6. Lathiskitchen

    Carrot Halwa looks so delicious. It can’t beat any dessert. Cold weather and warm carrot halwa is the best.

  7. greenbowl2soulgmailcom

    Though not a big fan of sweets, carrot halwa, gulab jamun and jalebi are the desserts which I cannot resist. Your recipe has made me hungry. A perfect recipe for this weather.

  8. Pavani

    Carrot halwa is such a classic Indian dessert. Yours looks absolutely delicious, tempting me to make it ASAP 🙂

  9. mayurisjikoni

    A classic and easy to make mithai but so flavourful. I usually love to enjoy with some ice cream.

  10. sizzlingtastebuds

    an absolute fav in the winter months, I usually pressure cook the grated carrots with little milk. but this version also sounds yum, Jayashree !

  11. Flavours Treat

    This is such an ideal sweet to enjoy after dinner or to serve guests. This is one such recipe that is simple yet utterly delicious.


Appreciate all your comments.

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