Healthy Carrot Soup

Healthy Carrot Soup

Carrot soup is spicy, tasty and apt for the cold weather. It is from Indo- Chinese cuisine.It is vegan, gluten- free and zero oil recipe. I love soups, they are filling and healthy and hope many will resonate with me. The weather too is perfect to indulge in them. I...

Hakka noodles

Chinese dishes have  gained immense popularity in our country in the past few years. Though, not exactly the same version, the major ingredients are included with a slight touch of our spices, thus it was the beginning of Indo- Chinese cuisine in our country. From...

Alu 65, chilli potato

Indo-Chinese snacks are very popular. Among the many varieties Alu 65, or chilli potato  is one of them. A dry snack , it is tasty and loved by all. It can be of different kinds as with cauliflower,paneer or tofu. I have used potato as it is liked by kids and I had...

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