Exotic Spinach Salad for Doctor’s Day
Written by Jayashree
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July 1 is celebrated as “National  Doctors  Day ” in India . These professionals spend and dedicate a lot of their time in the service of humanity. They treat the sick and assure to give all the help that they can, for the inevitable, no one can avoid. A yeoman service to the society. On this day, I present a spinach salad, dedicated to all the doctors.


Salads form an important part of our diet, more so on the recommendation of doctors.

Benefits of spinach :

Spinach is very essential in a vegetarian diet as it contains a lot of nutrients as vitamin K, viamin A, magnesium, calcium, magnesium  and folate along with dietary fibre. One cannot ignore this from their diet.

Serve it :This salad is good as a snack or as an accompaniment.

spinach and corn salad

spinach and corn salad


  • baby spinach leaves 15
  • sweet corn 1 bowl
  • almonds 4
  • raisins 10
  • olive oil
  • salt to taste
  • lemon juice


  • Choose tender spinach leaves. Wash them, cut them into bits and let dry on a colander.
  • Put the frozen  corn in water for sometime. If you are using fresh corn kernels , you need to boil them.
  • Cut the almonds, into thin strips.
  • Take a wide bowl and add all the ingredients.
  • Put some salt and mix well.
  • Add olive oil and  lemon juice.
  • Serve chilled.

Take a note : Adjust the quantity of ingredients to your needs.


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  1. Anu Nagaraja

    this sounds delicious! I will definitely try 🙂

  2. Padma

    Very healthy and delicious 🙂

    • jayashree

      Thankyou dear Padma

  3. Piyali

    It’s fresh, a crisp green and so delicious and nutritious too. I loved it J especially the idea if adding raisins to the salad. Wonderful read on Doctors Day too.

    • jayashree

      Thankyou so much dear Piyali

  4. Lata Lala

    Salad looks yummy with so many healthy indgridients. Addition of dry fruits provides a perfect crunch to this.

  5. Jagruti Dhanecha

    Exotic spinach salad got all my attention, such a nutritious and wholesome salad.

  6. Jolly

    Wah this is an easy and quick recipe of green salad. Loved this crunchy & healthy spinach corn salad.

  7. Poonam Bachhav

    Corn and spinach combo is loved at my place..a crisp refreshing salad using it is sure to be a hit with my family. Thanks for the healthy share !

  8. Sasmita Sahoo Samanta

    such a crisp refreshing salad …….Thanks for the healthy share dear,….. Corn and spinach combo is WOW !!!!

  9. code2cook

    it will be great if we can eat spinach in salads. So nutritious and nice way to consume this iron packed green.

  10. Renu Agrawal Dongre

    Yummy , delicious and colourful salad.

  11. theculinarypeace

    This is such a quick and delicious salad. Of course totally nutrition dense.

  12. meghnasfoodalogue

    I would love to try this ASAP especially for my little boy who loves corn he would enjoy this so much.

  13. Annapurnaz

    So easy, yet tasteful. Even kids would enjoy it due to their favorite corn in it.

  14. Simply Tadka

    wow.. corn is one of mine fav… love this quick version of corn based salad. very healthy.

  15. Sujata Roy

    Wow what a nutritious salad. I love corn and raisins. And you used both. I will try it for sure. Lovely share.



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